Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the author and not of ScoopWhoop.  

I probably will be the 100,000th person to say this, but after today I’m 100% sure that 2020 is out to get revenge from each and every Indian kid who is literally just breathing to survive. 

Why ‘just’ an Indian kid, you say? Because…  

I mean, a few months back the government banned TikTok (which BTW was pretty much our only source of entertainment during this period.) But we were like, okay. Chalta hai. Seh lenge. 

Then we had to protest against giving JEE/NEET exams at a time when India is seeing a spike of 70,000+ coronavirus cases every 24 hours. Par koi nahi, yeh bhi seh lenge.    

But what was the result of all this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Poor kids didn’t only have to battle a deadly pandemic but also had to study for AND give the most important exam of their lives when the virus is at its peak.   

But guess what? Us Indians have struggled through our miseries and we have always successfully paved our way out of it. So yeah, after all those months of continuous studies, getting sick, fearing contracting coronavirus, we did give our exams and went on with our lives thinking ki ab toh sab theek hi hoga. But we were obviously wrong.  

Now, when we thought we can relax and play PUBG with our friends (just cuz we can’t really meet them), the government now took that away from us as well. 

I mean, why? Hasn’t the government ever felt this emotion called sympathy? Were they born old?        

Wasn’t a pandemic, an all India exam, not meeting our friends, living in isolation, online classes enough for the government that they had to take the one thing that actually made us survive this cursed year? 

Sure, this a parent’s dream come true. But what about us? What about everything we’ve been through? I mean, obviously, we are not contesting the govt’s decision to ban all these Chinese apps when it is pretty much the right decision to do. But hey being a PUBG player, this hurts. 

Now when would we get the chance to say ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ every time we win a super tough PUBG game? What will we do of all those hours of learning new strategies to get advanced weapons? All wasted.  

What had we done to deserve this year and this treatment? Please fast forward this year 2021 already. Ab aur nahi seh payenge.