Life is really difficult these days. If one somehow manages to deal with justified censorship, much-wanted inflation and terrorism, several problems continue to persist. In between our difficult struggle against problems like finding the perfect dress for a big party and looking for the best restaurant in our locality, sometimes we meet success. And boy, are we happy then!

Here are a list of some achievements which have made us grin ear-to-ear at one point of time in our lives :

1. I found the exact shade of lip-color I had been looking for!

2. The traffic light turned red just after I crossed it.

3. Thank God, I managed to return home in time to catch the match LIVE.

4. I was drunk as a fish but still didn’t puke!

5. Yay! My new luxury sedan gives more mileage than my old one.

6. I can’t believe I managed to stick to my diet.

7. I lasted an entire day without Internet!

8. Phew! I saved my expensive phone from falling down.

9. I found the best parking slot for my expensive car.

10. I managed to finish all the food on my plate.

11. I travelled without a driver.

12. Wow! My super deluxe room got upgraded to a luxury suite!

13. I finally found the perfect pair of shoes to match my expensive dress.

14. I found this amazing restaurant in my city which serves the best Japanese food!

Life is difficult. Thank God for these little achievements which make our lives so happy.