Flirting isn’t about nuance and romance anymore. It’s about spitting as much game online as possible, no matter how far the person (or entity) is. That’s why it’s called shooting your shot. Well recently, the world witnessed some truly far-out shot-shooting, in the most literal way possible.

Twitter started hitting on NASA in a late-night exchange that has gone viral, and it all started with the time-tested, unfailing, and zero-effort, “U up?”

Nasa came in with a polite and cordial reply, befitting of a reputed space program.

With this, the heat was on, and the banter began full swing.

The relationship started to level up, with Earth getting a whole lotta lovin’.

Yup, there was even a terrible pun thrown into the mix a la ‘Launch Meat’. Then things started getting to the point.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover is set to launch in July this year and land on Mars on February 18, 2021. It’s a big event, and Twitter and NASA appear to really be bonding over it.

It is thought that this adorable exchange was part of a publicity move to show Twitter’s new feature allowing you to control who can reply to tweets, as there are no replies on this viral thread.

There were several independent reactions to the whole mush-fest though!

Who knew we’d be shipping Twitter and NASA in 2020?