Bollywood is often accused of copying plot lines, fight sequences, songs, posters and whatnot from Hollywood. But, haters gonna hate, right? We all know that Bollywood does not copy from anything. It’s always the other way round. 

Bollywood never does any of that. In fact, I think Hollywood copies from us using some time-travel device. That is the only reason why their movies release before our original Bollywood gems. 


Yep, Bollywood doesn’t copy at all.


Seriously, these are just ridiculous accusations. We all know Tom Cruise time-traveled to 2015 and then copied this brilliant stunt scene from Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale and used it in Mission Impossible 2, which came out in 2000. 


And now, we have this video posted by Look what coincidence it is, Quick Silver and Flying Jatt are doing the exact same things. Do you think it’s a copy? Watch here.

Yes, it is a blatantly copied scene and it is a matter of shame. Seriously, why did X Men: Days of The Future Past copy from us?

*shaking my head*