While we do love ordering our favorite meal from food delivery sites, we often forget that the executives who deliver us our food meet several people just like us. 

While some of their customers might just be normal, there also might be some unusual encounters. So, food delivery people discuss their weird experiences at the door and it will surely make you cringe : 


I clearly interrupted a couple having sex. The guy opens the door holding a towel around his waist. When he grabs the pizza, the towel slips from his other hand. As it falls off, it catches and hangs from his raging boner.  




There was an erect penis hanging out of the mail slot with a sticky note on top that said: Money is under the doormat, here’s your tip. The police were involved and my manager was actually upset I didn’t leave the pizza and get the money for it.       




Delivered to a guy three weeks ago at a hotel. 6 hours later the cops raided his room and shot him. I fed him his last meal.      




I walk up to a very shady house and knock. The guy cracks the door. I say, ‘how are you and ask him to pay the amount, he says “What are you doing here, I didn’t order any food,’ as he begins opening the door revealing the shotgun he’s holding. I don’t mean to ruin the scary of the story, but after I explained myself and the guy decided I wasn’t a cop there to bust him, he was actually quite nice about pointing me to where the correct house was.    




I delivered food when I was in college. One old lady told me “I love you” as I was leaving.    




As a pizza guy in college, I had a gun pulled on me as a ‘joke’ at the door. Guy opened up the door with what looked like probably a .45 or something pointed in my face and said something like “Who the fuck are you?” His wife and two young kids were standing behind him and everyone had a big laugh at my expense. Not surprisingly, he gave me a shitty tip and then immediately went on the DO NOT DELIVER list.  




I was robbed once. I knocked on the door and they came up with a rifle. Two men grabbed me and pulled me through the door and onto the room floor. They beat me up, stole my cash and threatened to kill me and my family if I told about them. They pushed me through the door and told me to never come back.   




I was delivering to a hospital one night and I went inside. I reached a check-in desk where no one was around. Behind me were several recovery rooms, all with lights out. I looked around for anyone who might have placed the order but ended up just hanging at the desk for a few more minutes. From the room directly to my right I could hear a sad, weak voice say “I just want to go home…”. I turned and saw a man with several tubes in and out of him, his lamp was faintly lit and he was locking eyes with me. At that moment the person who ordered showed up at the desk and took his food. As I turned around to leave I looked into the room where the guy with the tubes was and there was NO ONE there. No light on, no tubes, and no sign that anyone had even used the bed. I checked again but all rooms were empty. This still freaks me out.     




A 75-year-old woman answered the door naked and asked me to come in and put the food down. Husband asked me to cup her breasts so he can take a picture.  




Came to a little apartment building, knocked on the door. A woman in her late 20s opens the door and tells me she’s going to get her money. There are about 5 children running around inside and the place is an utter mess. A little boy of about 5 comes up to the door and just stands there staring at me. After a few awkward smiles, I say “Hey buddy”. He says “Hi… are… are you my daddy?”. I was shocked into silence. The woman peers from around the corner with her wallet out “No fool! That ain’t yo daddy!”. That broke my heart.     




I had to deliver to a guy whose co-worker cut off 4/5 of his toes on one foot with a chainsaw. The guy just got back from the hospital and decided that was the right time to order a pizza. There was blood all over the floor of the motel room and said chainsaw was also on a table behind me.       




I delivered pizza to a house in South Delhi. The guy was outside, the door was wide open. I gave him the pizza and while I counted the money in my car, doors locked of course I looked in my mirror and saw a random dude come and they shook hands but in a weird way then both men left. The guy never walked into the house, I don’t think it was his house and I may have witnessed a drug deal.   




I had an older lady answer the door with semen on her face. When she noticed the confused look on my face she responded with “Oh, don’t worry it’s not MY semen… oh you probably don’t care”. I’m still not entirely sure what she meant by that.  




I have had a kid run up and snatch the money for the order out of my hand and run away. Luckily, the person who I had just delivered to gave me more money and mentioned talking to his mother “yet again” about stealing so it ended fine for me. 




I once had a girl in a nearby apartment with a very well endowed chest and revealing clothes. She claimed she didn’t have money for the food after I got there and I’m just thinking okay why the hell did you order anything then? She said she’d do anything to get the food. I immediately thought of the cliche porn scenario. No way does this shit happen in real life right? Is she serious or just trying to beg me to hand it over free. Took everything I could not to bite the bait. Gave her the food because I’m nice and walked back to the car promising I’ll never let my girlfriend know that I may have just been offered sex for pizza.   



Not fun at all.