You might think I am crazy. You might think this is not normal. In fact, you might even think that I never had taste buds, to begin with. 

But I love Karela !

That’s right! I said it. The world may call it the Komolika of vegetables, the vamp who is up to no good. The devious Medusa of the sabji mandi? But I know it deserves our love.

Before you start questioning my sanity, let me just ask you one question. Do you really not like Karela or are you ‘pretending’ to hate it to look cool in the society?

Because let me tell you, your hatred of it is unfounded. You haven’t even given the sabji a fair chance. And yet you hate on it, call it names and its shriveled body just shudders wanting a bit of love from a world that judges so harshly.

I mean even with the constant hatred and the relentless name-calling it has always been a fighter and battled its way through.  It even helps you in your times of struggle. 

When you’re dealing with pimples, it purifies your blood.

When you are struggling with eating all those rasgullas and muffins, it helps you fight your diabetes. 

It even cleans your liver when you have shots after shots at your best friend’s boyfriend’s birthday party. 

But you never noticed the unspeakable crusading that Karela has always been doing. Did you? 

India Times

Not just that, this misunderstood  ‘kadwisabji has still silently been fighting a battle to make you like them. From a bharwa karela to an aloo karela to chutney and even juice, it has tried it all and still failed to make you realize their worth and value. 

But even with the relentless hate this vegetable has been standing tall. And to all the mummies who are still forcing their kids to have this piece of unnoticeable art, I see you. Never stop!