If we were to speak of women in the automotive industry, we’d have to address the undercurrent sexism operating within sectors which are primarily perceived as ‘men’s only’ domains. It’s no secret our world goes by ‘women can’t be great drivers,’ ‘women don’t like cars,’ and other similar stereotypical notions, given our inclination to typecast women in almost every sphere.

So, on this women’s day, a multi-national automotive company, Ford, dropped an advertisement that seemed very triggering at the onset. Until it took a satirical turn and celebrated women’s contributions to the automotive sector. (Something not done very often)

Watch the Ford ad here:


Narrated by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, the ad begins with introducing ‘Men’s Only Ford Explorer.’ The ad showcases the re-imagined (fictional) car, only without the parts invented by women. Like a rear-view mirror. Or windshield wipers. Or GPS. Or heater. Or turn signals. Basically, cars without these inventions are directionless, untidy, accident-prone moving objects.

Towards the end, it’s cleared that the vehicle is ‘not really for sale.’ The narrator then reveals that Ford is celebrating women’s history month by saluting “automotive work by women.” There are pics of automotive pioneers like Dr Gladys West and Florence Lawrence in the background.  

Twitter user @FeministHellcat shared a snippet of the ad & people are lauding the creativity & satire. Take a look.


“Ford will highlight the achievements and contributions of female innovators of the past and present on Ford.com and across the company’s social media accounts,” the company has mentioned on the website. They’ve flipped the script & we love it.