Waise toh we humans are social creatures, but there are times when we crave our own company. Well, this article is about no such craving. It's about people and things that stood out of the crowd. By being forever alone.

One look at these pics and I guarantee you'll immediately start feeling better about yourself. I know, I know. It's a sadistic pleasure. But hey, we can't help it if these pics are this fuckin' hilarious!

1. Tum jiyo hazaaron saal, saal mein akele raho har baar.

Source: Chalanchithram

2. Girlfriend mat ban, par feel hi dede.

Source: ifail

3. Soon. Very soon.

Source: Viralands

4. The only thing I got is your back.

Source: us

5. Best day ever!

Source: quedivertidos

6. Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main toh khud se pyaar jataoon!

Source: asiantown

7. 'Cause Tinder is too mainstream!

Source: explosion

8. It's just that I really wanted to focus on the ride.

Source: Pirojok

9. That's what you get Donald. For roaming around half-naked.

Source: oo_nrb

10. Day Ten. They still haven't noticed me.

Source: Salam 93

11. Grow a beard they said. It'll make you look sexy they said.

Source: Oh My God Facts

12. Mera number kab aayega?

Source: los40

13. I'll just pretend I don't exist.

Source: plp

14. Saala main hi akela reh gaya!

Source: jagran

15. One's a company. Two's a crowd.

Source: Sinoca

16. Well, want some chips?

Source: Atomica

17. Fuck my life.

Source: egokick

18. Finally! I have a Valentine date.

Source: Izismile

19. The vicious cycle of loneliness.

Source: Chucks-fun

20. So much for connecting people.

Source: Funny Junk

21. Because chipko movement > Girlfriend.

Source: The Huffington Post

22. Mirror mirror on the wall, is my reflection visible to y'all?

Source: Taringa

23. Great! More food for me! (Cries silently)

Source: Gizmodo

24. That escalated quickly.

Source: funnyjunk

25. Girlfriend level-Anime.

Source: Kakao

26. Wonder why they call me socially awkward?

Source: Owap

27. Because only losers have fun.

Source: Damn cool pictures

28. Welcome to the real world, kid.

Source: ebaum

29. Bhalai ka zamaana hi nahin raha.

Source: memecenter

30. Come on barbie, let's go party.

Source: Dumpaday

Hey stop laughing at them. There's nothing wrong about being alone or lonely.

*cries into pillow*