The challenge brings in four generations of a family, so you’ll have the recent generation call their dad/mom, who’ll then make an appearance in the frame. Then, the said dad/mom will call the grand dad/ grand mom and they’ll appear. Then they will call their parents in the frame. 

The internet is crawling with Bird Box and Bandersnatch memes, and amidst it all China has this #FourGenerations meme/challenge going on, and it’s the cutest thing on the internet.


And it’s the purest thing on the internet!

Can we please appreciate these adorable old people grins?


And hey, it’s an all-inclusive challenge. Even animals can participate.

Everyone together, AWWW.

Netizens can’t stop hearting this wholesome challenge.

This challenge is softening hearts like anything in this cold weather.

Is somebody chopping onions though?

It’s not just a challenge now, it’s a wholesome emotion. AAAA.

Five days into the year, we already have a wholesome meme that’s making the internet a happy place.