Stand-up comedian Rahul Dua’s unique brand of observational comedy is as hilarious, as it is relatable. And he proved it again with his set Ghar Bar for Amazon Funnies. 

He began his ten-minute set with comical insights into every desi family’s woes – the excess stuff we can never get rid of, no matter how extensively we clean the house. 

Of course, the reason every family has more stuff than space is because of India’s national pass-time, unwarranted recycling of things, especially old shirts. 

From the discourse on his family’s ability to horde things, Rahul moves to the city of dreams, Mumbai. And talks about the only thing he dislikes about the city. 

He also believes that Samosa-pao is a dish that should have never been made in the first place. 

*wonder what he thinks of pasta-dosa, dosa-burger, and my personal favourite, chowmein-samosa.*

And that’s how Rahul Dua arrives at the real reason why Mumbai is called the city the never sleeps. 

Ultimately though, the most relatable bit about his set is his description of ‘budget birthdays’. 

And if you’ve also seen all your birthday gifts being repurposed, then you will definitely agree with his pain. 

You can watch the complete video here:

All images are screenshots from the video.