There are many ways of wishing someone on their birthday.

You can text them.

You can call them.

You can wish them on their Facebook wall.

And God forbid if none of that happens, you can always wish yourself on your birthday.


However, someone just outdid everybody else by placing a full page ad for a friend as a birthday wish. 

And gave both friendship and birthday goals to the entire country in the process.

Veena Venugopal

Oh, do you feel friendless AF?

Well, you are not alone. 

The picture evoked a series of hilariously sad responses from a lot of renowned journalists. 

You’re not the only one, Vidya.

Seeing his dedication, we all want to befriend Ritz Malik now.

Someone even pointed out that Ritz Malik had wished his friend in HT city as well.

Whattey wow!

Looks like PM Modi was right.

Time to send Ritz Malik a friend request.