Believe it or not, Google is the sassiest website on the planet. I am sure that by this point, you must have seen hundreds of Google search suggestions. 

Some of them are just plain weird and make you think, ‘who the fuck would search for that?’


See what I mean? Who would have thought of this shit?

Anyhow, Google suggestions are not why we are here. We are here because even Google search results are bloody savage sometimes. 

That’s not even an advice. That’s just a threat. 

Also, try asking Google about the price of One Plus 6!

Actually I am going to save you the trouble!

You feel like a loser yet?

No? Well, Google is about to make you feel like one!

Now that just hurts my feelings! It was a typo, man! There was no need to be that rude!

Now, if the automated search results don’t get you, the people who write the damn codes for Google will. 

A few years ago, people figured out that if you searched the word ‘anagram’, Google would show you ‘Nerd Fame Again’. So when people started googling to get that result, the developers changed it to this…

… just to mess with you!

And you thought your mother was sassy. Son, you have no idea, just how savage these people are!