We Indians are a bunch of creative people. Like seriously, another level creative. However, there’s a small, tiny asterisk above the word ‘creative’. Because there are many terms and conditions involved. Like for example, if you’re making something funny, it should make people laugh. And if you’re making something serious, it should make the people ponder.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a cross connection. People intend to make something really thought provoking, but it ends up…Well, for the lack of a better word, hilarious. Like this guy. Ladies & gentlemen, meet Jayesh Bhuva who lives life king size.

Jayesh Bhuva

But it’s not all about living life king size. He also has time to show some ‘Father love’.

Jayesh Bhuva

But deep in his heart, Jayesh is a filmmaker. Hence this ad he made.

The ad begins with a guy confronting a girl. (Oh, how romantic!)

Jayesh Bhuva

Dikhta nahin hai kya ?” the girl asks him. (Or atleast that’s what she sounds like)

Jayesh Bhuva

And we guarantee, you’ll not be able to guess how the guy reacts. Like seriously. Not in a million years.

Jayesh Bhuva

Now this ad has everything. Women empowerment, anti-eve teasing message and an advice to go for regular eye check-ups.

But above all, this ad has dollops of unintentional laughter. Check out the video right here, and be prepared to laugh out loud.

My favourt ad

Posted by Jayesh Bhuva on Thursday, 16 October 2014

Now remember people, Jayesh didn’t pay us a single rupee to cover this ad. We just did it ’cause we found it genuinely funny. Peace!