Social media is amazing, especially when it’s not enabling fascist governments. Over the last few years or so, social media has given us so many things. But the one thing that it always keeps on giving is stupid fights on the internet. They never get old.   

1. Twinkle Khanna is really funny… at times. 

2. A Piers Morgan takedown is always a joy to watch. 

3. Ah, there’s a Morgan comeback in some other feud as well. Honestly, don’t know who to root for here. 

4. This is the most random event you will be witnessing today. 


5. Eww! Flat Earthers!

6. Imagine living in a first world country with great education and facilities and still being dumb as fuck. 


7. If you notice, sexist assholes generally lack good comebacks. 


8. Remember thousands of people storming the Capitol in the United States because Donald Trump had lost the elections? Well, Ted Cruz is one of the morons responsible for it.


9. While they never really went the length in an Octagon, Chrissy Teigen and Donald Trump have been going at each other for years now. Sadly, a lot of their conversations were forever destroyed when Twitter suspended Trump’s account. 

10. Never seen airlines beefing it out on Twitter. This could be a Pixar movie. For context, this was in the early days of COVID-19 and IndiGo was still flying while the rest of them apparently had to stand on the ground.


11. This is just so petty and blehhhhh! But Karan Johar wins this one. 

12. For Context: Reddit found an image of the Flipkart office that featured a carton with Amazon printed on it.

India Today

13. This is just non-sensical. As compared to what, you ask? 


14. That was sexist and Lorde is a true queen for that comeback

Philly Mag

15. Rihanna is a freaking legend. 

16. At least someone’s going after the BCCI! Lel. 

17. Didn’t know Shorey had a famous dad! LMAO. 

18.  Whoa, Ravi Ashwin, my god! Dude, this is the equivalent of shooting someone in the balls. 

The cricket blog

19. Hahahahaha. *grudging acknowledgment of the truth* Hahahahaha. 


20. Oh, Mr Bhagat, will you ever learn?


This was fun. No? So why are you still here?