Students in any part of the world are super creative with a mischievous streak. What happens when they don't know the right answer during exams? Some of them come up with a very clever response.

These 21 funny answers were from kids who thought a clever answer was better than a wrong one:

1. Love conquers all

Source: Boredpanda

2. After 1 month in lockdown

Source: nairobiwire

3. Answer lies in the eyes of the beholder

Source: Boredpanda

4. The magic of sight!

Source: Boredpanda

5. #TruthBomb

Source: Boredpanda

6. He deserves a scholarship 

7. Technically, he may be right

Source: Boredpanda

8. The spiritual one

Source: exammastersts

9. Mathematics is subjective

Source: Twitter

10. Not 100% wrong

Source: navbharattimes

11. The 'crushing' answer

Source: Buzzfeed

12. The risk taker 

Source: Bored Panda

13. Too simple!

14. This is how you do it!

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15. Duly noted

16. Sad but true

Source: Winkgo

17. Aaanndd.. song stuck in my head in 3... 2...

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18. Potterhead spotted

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19. I feel like dancing 

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20. Global Warming is too dangerous

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21. Ah, perfection!

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 These kids deserve A+ for entertaining us.