We’ve all wanted somebody at some point of time or the other. Nobody wants to stay alone, right? Well, don’t get too romantic. I was talking about the ads people often place in newspapers asking for help and employees whose dreams they can crush. People generally place well-written, to the point ads for this purpose. This article, is not about those people.

This article is about people who went full-retard while placing a wanted ad. Check ’em out for a crash course on how NOT to place an ad.

1. This guy who went ‘bananas’ with this ad.

Funny bits

2. Taking the term over-time to literal levels.

Ritzy Boi

3. And no horsing around during the job.


4. Well, that escalated quickly.

The federalist

5. Man, I could kill for that job.


6. I want what he’s smoking.


7. With great powers, come greater sewers.


8. Wait. What?


9. Get your phat ass movin’!

Resume rejects

10. The ‘wate’ is over.


11. Job my ass!


12. I guess I’ll get down here only.

Slightly warped

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