When we look at pictures of fashion models, we always wonder what they must have been thinking in that moment when the camera went ‘click.’ We decided to use our telepathic powers and communicate with some of the models in fashionable stock images. Their thoughts are outright hilarious!

1. “They told me to make the face I do when I am taking a dump. Apparently, that’s sexy.”

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

2. “I CAN’T believe I am wearing fur when it’s 45 degrees outside.”

Source: pixabay.com

3. “I need bigger boobs.”

Source: pixaybay.com

4. “He was right. I’ve got a serious body odour problem.”

Source: commons.wikimedia.com

5. “I hope the gallus is concealing my nipples.”

Source: pexels.com

6. “I mean, seriously? All you wanted was a damn crotch shot?”

Source: pexels.com

7. “It’s been 2 hours, man! For heaven sake, can I freakin’ smoke it?”

Source: wikipedia.org

8. “I hope this monkey realizes that he’s forgotten to take off the lens cap. Again!”

Source: pixabay.com


10. “I am going to develop a crooked back after this.”

Source: eskipaper.com

11. “Leaning on a tree that’s got red ants? Yes, that’s definitely sexy.”

Source: pexels.com

12. “I can’t hold my breath anymore!”

Source: deviantart.com

I’m sure that next time you see a fashion label on a billboard, even you’ll be using your telepathic powers to get into the heads of the models. Oh wait, I guess Diesel has already done that. Go ahead, give your funny captions for this ad as well!