Movies in India take a lot of creative license when it comes to depicting instances of technology, especially computers. You’d think that with budgets running into crores of Rupees, we would spare some money to at least make our hacking / coding / tracking scenes a bit more accurate. Yeah… No. Here are a few ways in which Indian movies show computers. And it makes no sense at all.

1. Koi Mil Gaya

Yes. A desktop from the late 80s is powerful enough to communicate with aliens. Using “sound waves.” So much win…

2. A Wednesday

Naseruddin Shah brings Mumbai to its knees with just a laptop. The cops respond with some very scientific and computer hustle and bustle.

3. Prince

4. Ra One

And here’s a computer that makes video game characters come to life. Double yeah…

5. Enthiran (Robot)

Computer Science + Robotics + Rajnikanth. Perfect.