A while ago, we did an article on Hindi commentators stealing the show during cricket matches and having observed things a bit, I have come to realise that the only real competition they have, comes from our news channels. 

I mean, I don’t know who writes content for their graphics, but whoever they are – please give them a raise someone. Because this stuff is just hilarious. You can see for yourself.

Who says cinema doesn’t have an impact? It clearly does, on news channels.

Arey arey.

Unki haathon ki lakeeron mein haar likhi thi.

They go really intense against Australia.


Bowlers hue behaal, Gabbar ne kiya kamaal.

An epic drama you didn’t know you needed.

One way to put it.

Sounds like something Sidhu would say.

‘Pitch gayi bhaad mein’.

I am sorta really good at this. Mera prahaar koi jhel nahin sakta.