Photography is an art, and candid meaningful photography even more so. Sometimes, the sun is in just the right spot or a flower is in just the right state of bloom, and those make for amazing photos. The pictures below are not those however, not even close.

It just takes a little change in dimension and perspective to make even the most pure things look kinda messed up. Check these out!

1. She’s just thirsty, man.

2. These cute fruits are playing with each other.

3. Hallelujah!

4. Stop giggling and just wave back.

5. Come on, don’t be a pain in the neck.

6. Keep you dirty thoughts at an arm ‘s length.

7. Armpit.

8. Aao twist karein.

9. Why can’t you look at their beautiful hair?

10. Yeah, you wish.

11. No, she’s not Jean Claude Van Damm.

12. Bicycles have seats. You have a problem?

13. Talk to the hand.

14. Douchebag timing.

15. Because biceps.

16. Naina dagabaaz.

17. Finding Neverland.

18. Meri ball hai.

19.  There’s no han(d)ky-panky happening here.

20. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

21. Two heads are better than one.

22. No.

23. Still no.

Aakhon ki gustakhiyaan maaf ho.

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