Kids are lovely. Kids are cute. Kids are artists. I am pretty sure about the first two but the last one, well, let me think about it. And till the time I am thinking about that, check out some of the drawings that these crazy little creatures made. 

Check them out below:

Warning: Scroll down at your own risk.

This kid needs some spelling lessons.

Looks like this volcano is about to blow.

Oh, well. Merry Christmas to you too.

Is it a lighthouse? Of course, it’s a lighthouse.

That special whistle, you see! Yeah, that one.


This kid actually drew turn tables to follow up with a rap song. And we aren’t complaining! 

Fire fighters can actually shoot a long way.

Can someone explain this to me, please?

When kids’ observations meet creativity.

Scissors? Are you sure, Antonia?

Everything else is fine, but who is standing beside Jesus? *hides under the table*

In this drawing, a fox is running away from an alien. That’s it!

T is for… hahaha, what?

Indeed, kid. INDEED.

Such honesty!

Oh, it’s a rocketship. Or is it..? Okay, let’s just assume that it’s a rocketship.

Love for honest kids redefined.

And that’s as original as it gets!

Satan: No one said that to me before. I love you too, kid. *starts crying*

Looks perfectly fine to me except… everything!

The text explains it well. No comments.

Spelling classes for this one as well.

What are they doing? Twerking?

Just for information: The woman in the middle is shoveling snow.

You know absolutely nothing, little kid. Jon Snow knows more than you.

Meme Cdn

Born artists, couldn’t agree more.