Consuming alcohol leads to a boost in confidence as well as a scattering of the senses. That means you’ll be pretty sure about what you’re doing, even if what you’re doing is absolute nonsense. Drunk texts are the epitome of this vicious cycle, as you can see below.

This will ‘transform’ you.

The Virgin Chronicles.

When realisation hits…

Be afraid, be very, very afraid… of the hangover.

It’s good to have nice friends.

Bikers can be nice people.

Ah yes, those lovely conversation with oneself.

Something smells fishy… ah yes, it’s the cat.

He’s got a point.

Adults say the darndest things!

“It’s a-me!”

You’ve seen Monster’s Ball, now get read for Hamster’s Ball!

Na na na na na na, BATMAN!

Electrolytes baby, use ’em!

Not again, Mom.

He’s ducking crazy!

Love is in the air… and so is the faint smell of rum.

Wherever could it be?!

Friday night, kittening it up!

*Hic Hic*