The Internet. A vast expanse of unexplored awesomeness. Although we may feel that we know everything that has been uploaded to the world wide web, there are certain gems that remain hidden from our eyes. Gems, you truly have to look out for. Like those easter eggs in the Marvel movies.

Perhaps J.K. Rowling should write another Harry Potter spin-off. Fantastic Facebook pages and where to find them. But meanwhile, we stumbled across this awesome Facebook page called…

Yup. The page is called Shitty comics. And it’s anything but shitty. IMHO, it’s pretty hilarious. Don’t believe me? Lemme prove it to you mathematically, via points.

1. The profile pic features the hottest ‘kapron sa bahir ati hui’ (whatever that means) model Rukhsana.

2. The page is run by Sunil Shitty.

No, not Shetty. Shitty. And he loves mooli ka paratha with gobi ki sabzi . What a badass!

3. Like in a mela , there’s something for everybody on this page.

In this awesome Facebook page, bakchodi prevails. Like this girl getting wooed by the Pakistani Shahrukh Khan of her nightmares..err..I mean dreams in this fairness cream ad for ‘Kastori’ herbal cream.

4. The page is really into Sunil Shetty.

There are numerous photographs of our favourite anna . Some (disturbing) never before seen photographs. Needless to say, the page is really into Sunil anna .

Like really into him.

Y’all gettin’ what I’m sayin’, right?

5. It features the ‘Axecuse Me, aap bhi?’ guy.

You remember the awesome Kit-Kat ‘telcam’ powder ad, right? The one with this awesome guy.

Well, you can find more of him over here. For example, in the form of these animated memes on his famous ‘axecuse me’ line.

6. The page can be your personal fashion guide.

Jokes apart, the page features some of the best fashion icons of our age. Like this guy who came wearing his elder sister’s clothes and then put a birthday hat on top of it. Take a look.

Or these guys who’ll inspire you to get a haircut asap.

7. Of course it’s filled with crazy people doing crazier stuff.

For more such awesomeness, check out Shitty Comics right away. Aisi awesomeness aur kahan?