For starters, let’s just thank all the Gods we know, and most importantly, that fellow who introduced GIFs to us. Just think about how boring our Internet experience would be without these? Cats doing flips, cats and dogs doing flips, dogs chasing their tails, and humans doing all kinds of ridiculous things, there is no end to these.

They make us laugh as hard as we possibly can, and some of the ones on this list are simply out-of-the-world hilarious! Go on, ROFL!

1. Can you deal with this?

2. Some talent this dude has!

3. Hello, Kitty!

4. That’s how you grab an ‘opportunity’.

5. Obama’s got swag!

6. Lesson: Always listen to the referee!

7. HA-HA! Bang-bang!

8. Cat Ninja! “HIYA!”

9. Titanic was safer than this boat!

10. Hungry kya?

11. Refresh all the DTC bus memories!

12. Yeah! That’s how it’s done!

13. GIG gone wrong!

14. LOL, sibling wars!

15. That’s how we roll?

Pardon me, if these couldn’t make you laugh!

H/T Gizmodo