India is not just a land of snake charmers and holy cows. It’s also a land of amazing restaurants and dhabas that guarantee some lip smacking delicacies. In a nation that lives to eat, we endeavor to try each and every taste these taste ministers have to offer.

But there are some restaurants out there, who have menus and names that are far more delicious than the food they have to offer. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look and be prepared to get your taste buds tickled.

1. Thanks to the beef ban, even the name has been ‘beeped’.

2. Yeh ‘ulti’ harkat kisne ki?

You offend me

3. Give these pups shelter. Inside your stomach.

BC Billi

4. Angrezi ka juice hi nikaal diya .


5. Iss mehngai ne toh khoon hi choos liya .


6. Oh, I’ve been a very bad soda!


7. That menu looks like match the following.


8. Some like it hot.

Nikhil Lakhani

9. Menu of the Agra pagalkhana canteen.

My India Pictures

10. In 5..4..3..2..1. Ready for takeoff.

Free Online News

11. That dessert in the end. And what’s a ‘non-vegetable’?

Itchy Feet

12. Just eat it.

Trip Advisor

13. Eat here if you want a 50 inches ka Cena like John.

Pujneet Singh

14. Khaane se pehle autograph lena mat bhoolna.

Ritesh Oza

15. Jab bhi bhature dekhoon mera dil deewana bole…


16. No if, no butt.

Sonali Mushahary

Make sure you try all these zaayake India ke , people. Happy eating!