By now, we’re all familiar with the Tanmay Bhat Snapchat controversy. Who’d have thought that a 2 min Snapchat video would create such a ruckus?

The Liberal

As expected, the video made national headlines but shit got real when Arnab Goswami decided to have a Newshour debate on the very ‘issue’.

While the debate itself was funny (albeit unintentionally at times), here are some hilarious moments from the show.

1. Arnab Goswami’s rockstar moment.

“Are we ready to debate?” “I said are we ready to debate?” “ARE WE READY TO DEBATE?”

Arnab Goswami’s energy felt as if he was urging people to burn the dance floor.

The Newshour debate

He almost reminded us of this.


2. That moment, when Rakesh Bedi wanted to make a point, but ended up looking like this.


3. When Vinod Kambli had no idea what he was talking about.

Maybe Vinod was too overwhelmed by someone (else) targeting his ‘best friend’ Sachin Tendulkar or maybe he got frightened seeing so many people at the same time; whatever the reason may have been, it was difficult comprehending what he was trying to say.

While at first he said he was fine with Tanmay using his name in the video…

…He immediately went on to say…

And we were like…

4. That moment when Arnab Goswami went into his ‘never ever!’ mode.

Remember how he’d once said ‘never ever!’ in a loop? Well, this time, he looped around a different word.

‘Shiv Sena’.


5. That moment when Arnab finally admitted that he can be damn loud at times.

6. This super awkward handshake.


The real star of the show was actually Arnab Goswami who seemed to be at his cheerful best.

Check out the entire episode right here.