Earlier this week, Ola Cabs gave a surprise to some of its lucky customers. Because in one special cab, India’s funniest and fittest; Abish Mathew and Milind Soman, were already waiting for them inside. The duo picked up regular customers and interacted with them in the car. Milind (who recently completed an Iron Man Triathlon) gave out fitness tips while Abish entertained everyone with his crazy antics and general goofiness. Much hilarity ensued…

The video opens with Abish Mathew being Abish Mathew…

Who was later joined by Milind “Ironman” Soman himself.

Which led to some fan-girling from Abish and an awkward moment or two.

They picked up their first customer and the jokes starting flowing back and forth. Along with Abish.

Here’s Abish doing the “Duck Dance.”

Inevitably, one of the customers tried to flirt with Milind and even came up with a decent pick-up line…

Later, another customer handed a cupcake to Milind which he scarfed down with alarming speed.

You can watch the whole video here and then mope over why this didn’t happen to you!

Still not satisfied? Want to see the duo carry out some more antics? You can watch the full version here . Enjoy!

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