Every group has their official funny guy/girl. You’re the life of every party you attend! You have everyone rolling with laughter no matter what you say. Here are 10 Signs That You’re the Funny One in Your Group:

1. The party doesn’t start unless you enter the scene!

2. Everytime you are with your friends, it’s like a private stand up comedy session for you.

3. Whenever someone shares a story, they all look to you for your funny take on the topic.

4. If your friends come across a funny video, they always post it first on your wall to read your comments.

5. Your friends keep asking you to recount funny anecdotes you’ve shared over time.

6. You are the only one in your group who can say ridiculous things to your friends and get away with it.

7. Everytime your friend has an embarrassing story, he or she hopes to God that you don’t find out about it.

8. When you’re in form, nobody in your gang is spared. You have a joke for everybody!

9. Your friends start using your catchphrases and jokes to impress their other friends!

10. When you’re sober you’re hilarious, when you’re drunk you’re OH MY GOD funny!