Names are important. Especially when they’re on maps. Have a look at these places in India that were, well, not named very cautiously.

1. Poo, Himachal Pradesh

Poo or Pooh, is a small town in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Renowned for its apricot orchards and vineyards, it is a favorite among hikers and nature lovers. Also, it sounds funny.


2. Bettiah, Bihar

Girls, cheer up!

3. Bhabua, Bihar

Ka Bhabua? Tumko ka laga? Tumko bhool jayenge?

4. Bhainsa, Telangana

Incidentally, Bhainsa lies right next to a water body. And next to Bhainsa, you’ll find Pathri and Umarkhed. I’m not making this up. Try it.

5. Barh, Bihar

As you can see, the station is flooded with people.


6. Chutia, Assam

Ermm… What’s in a name?

7. Cumbum, Andhra Pradesh

Also round the corner are “Linga Puram” and “Cumbum Lake.” Just in case.

8. Erode, Tamil Nadu

Known for turmeric and textile manufacturing. Also, the wiki page has a joke in the picture.

9. Daru, Jharkhand

I went there to check. No free alcohol. Sorry guys.

10. Forbesganj, Bihar

Forbes said they can’t feature Farbisganj on their magazine. So…


11. Gadha, Gujarat

Or as Gujaratis call it, Himes.

12. Gande, Jharkhand

Not to be confused with Ganda in Fatehpur district of Haryana, mind you!

13. Kala Bakra, Punjab

Finally a place just for dark goats. RESPECT!


14. Kutta, Karnataka

Located south of Coorg, very close to the Karnataka-Kerala border, Kutta is known for its wildlife. It’s a mere 10 kilometers away from Nagarhole National Park. True to its name, right?

15. Lailunga, Chattisgarh

No. I’m not threatening you. This is for real. Lailunga is located in Raigarh district in Chattisgarh.

16. Panauti, Uttar Pradesh

If you’re not feeling lucky, spare a thought for this town.

17. Suar, Uttar Pradesh

Had to be in U.P.P.S.: I’m from U.P.

Next time you play Atlas, use these.

DISCLAIMER : This article has been written just for fun and is in no way meant to offend any of the residents of these places, or for that matter, anyone in general. Pinch of salt fellas, pinch of salt.