Do you ever feel like you need supernatural powers which will pick you up from bed, drag you under the shower and push you into your office cabin? Well, you’re not alone! 

Some of you might have a job you love, but a boss you hate. Or vice versa. Either way, welcome aboard the I-hate-my-job express! Only if food and alcohol was available without going through those intolerable, “Where’s that report?” or, “Make sure client feels important!” (lick his ass) moments, right?

If you constantly have the, someday-I-will-poison-my-boss fantasies, then we bet you will connect to these tragically comic posts from people who despise their jobs:

1. Just understand that it was a bad day. And they are almost every day!

2. We feel your pain, Velma.

3. Same pinch!

4. More like break its face. 

5. All that cribbing during the entire week is really exhausting. 

6. No! But it’s socially acceptable to wish for it. 

7. The thought of wrinkles and potbellies excites me way more than slogging my ass to work everyday. No kidding. 

8. When weekends and weekdays are just the fucking same!


9. Almost successful!


10. Been there, done that!

11. Baba Ranchhod Das has spoken!

 12. We feel you, bro!

 13. That’s the dream!

 14. Death is really not the end!

 15. Each day, every day.

 16. Don’t tell me it’s just me?

 17. Don’t even remember the last time you went for a hangout? Me neither.

Work-life bugs us a lot of times, but till you find another job or something you are really passionate about, add a little humour to the monotony that pisses you off. Good luck!