You know what’s better than a product? A funny product review that leaves you in splits. And we found 16 such reviews that deserved 5-star ratings. 

1. Why does this sound like an erotic scene?

2. No, you are not drunk. It does look like an ice cream sandwich.

3. Please tell me you didn’t use it.

4. Now, this is going above my head.

5. He got some proof though.

6.  I hope it works after listening to this.

7. Maybe you need to search more.

8.  Common Jeffery, you can do it. Get the reference?

9. And we will never know who is lying here.

10. Hehe, he got some confidence man!


12. Awww! Someone, please enlighten this customer.

13. I am crying.

14.  Because they have water.

15. You need to come back, Karen.

Tell us about the wittiest reviews you have come across.