The Navratri season is here. The 9 days of vegetarian fun of all sorts, you know what I am saying. And Twitter being Twitter, has a lot of things to say and emote. 

So sit down, relax and LOL for a few minutes.

1. Well…

2. Gotta gobble all the non-veg that there is in the world. 

3. Jai Mata Di, bros!

4. Fuck Tinder!

5. This cracked me up so hard…

6. #TransformationNavratra

7. Kyunki baarish ho rahi hai… it’s raining… it’s raining. 

8. Something new is coming up this Navratri. People of the world, watch out!

9. And some more dance inspiration. 

10. Priorities sorted.

11. Rain? Rain hi toh hai!

12. All 90s kids will relate. 

13. LOL! Will you win the Game of Dandiyas?

14. Yaar dress is important yaar!

15. People seem to connect to Falguni Pathak at another level, every year, this season.

16. LOL! Like I said..

17. Saare bolo…

18. Paneer khale beta!

19. Tattoos in dandiya season.

20.  And it was all yellow.

21. Food >>> everything else in life.

22. Hahahaha. What did I say about Falguni? Lol.

23. It’s a tough life for non-vegetarians for real.

24. LOOOL!

Hope you guys have a great Navratri and dandiya nights. Cheers!