For the most obvious reasons, no one really likes getting sick. But, it gets way worse when you have health issues and your parents are standing right next to you, trying to find the root cause of your disease. And yes, it basically boils down to the same reasons.

1. Padhta nahi hai

2. Din bhar ghumta rehta hai

3. Ghar ka khaana nahi khaata

4. Phone/Laptop use karta rehta hai

Yes, even if you have Ebola, these could be the trigger points according to your ‘doctor’ parents.

Desi parents then have a doctor in mind, the perfect doctor. And no, not the one from a big hospital, the desi doctor. Well, words cannot describe the situation that transpires after you go there.

Abhijeet Bhatt made this hilarious video showing us the madness of the situation. Take a look.

Here we are wishing for your health so you don’t have to go through the high octane family drama ever. 

Stay safe, stay healthy because Dr. Pawan Bedard is waiting for you.