VJ Jose is not the most serious guy in the world. Of that much, we are sure. But after I went to his Vine account and saw what he’s usually up to, I have a theory I’d like to share with you all. I believe that this man might just be the goofiest dude in the world. But I won’t use words to convince you. After all, pictures speak a thousand words and Vines speak a million. Have a look for yourself…

1. Let’s start off with some misheard lyrics.

2. His reaction to a proposed liquor ban.

3. Game of Thrones. Maharashtra Version.

4. Eleva-troll.

5. Here’s Jose disrupting the work of the good people at Tata’s “Nano” Sanand Plant.

6. And here, he’s giving monsoon advice to anyone planning on moving to Mumbai.

7. Sorry, Adam Levine…

8. Sorry… Actually, you deserve it, KRK.

9. Jose is a bonafide Pant-Chor.

10. And some more misheard lyrics to round up the list.

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