The new season of Game of Thrones is just this weekend away and we’re excited AF to finally find out the fate of our beloved characters. We have all picked our sides in the battle for the Iron Throne. What better way to recap all the five seasons so far than with dank memes. I present you a stash of the dankest of dank memes about the D&D show.


1. Highgarden is the place to be


2. It also has an arrow in it

3. The Greyjoys are a funny bunch

4. The Jai-Veeru jodi of Game of Thrones

5. Is Jaime Lannister half Thakur(Sholay)?

6. When you’ve just started watching the first season of Game of Thrones

7. Seeders are the real heroes of our society

8. That hamster is a Stannerman

9. Trust me, ladies

10. GTFO Khaleesi fans

11. The only argument Daenerys makes when questioned about her claim to the throne

12. Indian TV show ka plot thodi na hai yaar

13. I saw the opportunity, I used the pun

14. When your prospects seem dire, put your heir on a pyre

15. The Lord of Light never disappoints

16. Fuck the campers

17. Hitler confirmed

18. The price is right

19. Ser Davos is a badass

20. The more you know

21. My pick-up line

22. N.W.A.

23. We’re all hypocrites

24. They took the Hound’s advice literally

25. Legends say that this meme is an actual reconstruction

26. Oberyn was the first one to get his mind blown

27. Subtle

28. Stannis needs to stop

29. Accurate

30. This meme will blow your mind


The new season of Game of Thrones starts on 24th April. I can’t even control my hype.