Gareeb Aadmi is one of the most famous Indian Twitter profiles. Using humor to cover up a dark aspect of the Indian society is very new and Twitter users have responded positively to the antics of the Gareeb Aadmi. 

Buzzfeed’s recent article on the Urban Poor who aren’t poor because of circumstances but because of poor life choices. The article has received a lot of feedback with people deciding to ride the wave with jokes. Gareeb Aadmi is very upset with the article.

Here are a few of his tweets about the entire urban poor fiasco:


Will the real Gareeb Aadmi please stand up?

When Urban Poor started trending on Twitter

Statistically correct.

But I am urban poor, where’s muh sympathy :sob:

Tum saala gareeb log hamari jooti ke neeche rahega

Bhai roxx

Aren’t we all special little snowflakes

Digital India aane toh do

Everytime I’m at Hauz Khas Village

This is the summary of the entire urban poor debate


What do you guys think about being urban poor? I’m sad that I can’t post this article while drinking my Starbucks coffee.