If you’re a Gemini, you’ll love me, hate me, or love and hate me for this. And if you’re close enough to one of these adorable weirdos, share this with them at your own risk.

1. If a Gemini makes the effort to suit up, compliment them.

2. Because FOMO is a way of life.

3. Geminis can’t hide their emotions, can they?

4. Attention is a Gemini’s best friend.

5. Geminis are where the party’s at.

6. Not bipolar, just Gemini.

7. If you’re Gemini, you’ve already won the argument.

8. Can’t decide whether I’m decisive or not.

9. Geminis may not have a solution to your problem, but they do have a snide remark about your situation.

10. Passion, thy name is Gemini.

11. You need someone to talk? Here comes a Gemini to your rescue.

12. But when you need real advice, though.

13. Because two personalities are better than one.

14. Gemini habits die hard.

15. A Gemini doesn’t want attention. They need it.

16. You didn’t notice me? No big deal. *cries inside*

17. Ghar se nikalte hi… Kuch door chalte hi.

18. And then God said, “Let Geminis be judged.”

Design credits: Lucky Mehendiratta