The moment Shakti Kapoor comes to your mind, your brain goes " AAUUU! "  From creating iconic comic characters in Bollywood to being lecherous in real life, this man has done it all. Between his reel life and real life, it's hard to decide which is more over-the-top. He has the shakti to make you ROFL at something absolutely pointless, and he has the shakti to make you cringe in disgust. Love him or hate him, but you just can't ignore him!

On his 56th birthday, we decided to help his family, friends and fans choose the best birthday present for him.

1. Waxing Strips

Kapoor can definitely do with some waxing strips/hair-removing cream, which will convert his hairy self to a 'smooth' operator!

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2. A Good Hair Stylist

Looks like he can't decide if he wants to be Goldilocks or the Papa Bear.

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3. Real Clothes

No Mr. Kapoor, you can't pull off your daughter's clothes.

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5. More 'Goggles'

After all the nain matakka and aakhein chhaar he does, zamaane se nazar churana zaroori hai. Knock yourself out choosing the tackiest pair of sunglasses.

6. Achievers Award

Because Shraddha Kapoor.

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7. Kisses

Because, he says that the best way to sober him down is by kissing him all over. And he needs to sober down. So we need to kiss him. Jaadu Ki Puppi , anyone?

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8.  10 Meter k a Naada

He seriously needs to keep his pants on!

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9. Scissors

So that once more Shakti-ji sabki chutiya kaat sakein.

10. Marbles

" Aakhein nikaal ke gotiyaan khelunga. "

Unlike Govinda, Shakti Kapoor believes in ' akhiyon se GOTI maare .' Won't it be better if he plays gotiyaan with marbles instead of aakhein ?

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11. Toys

So he doesn't play with girls and make them cry.

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12. Diapers

Because Shakti Kapoor toh c hhota saa, pyaara saa, nanna saa, munna saa bachcha hai.

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13. Moov

Har dard ka ilaaj, aauuu se ahaa tak!

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Happy Birthday Mr. Shakti! Lots of chummis from us.