You probably are not going to read this because of that laziness in your eyes. However, sorry to say this but you have make a little effort (just a little!) to scroll down and check out the gifts that you can present your-lazy-self or anyone who acts like a sloth all the time. Here we go.

1. Self-stirring mug

Because stirring with a spoon is too mainstream…and…takes too much energy. Uh, I am convinced.


2. The oh-so-honest shirts

*I Am A Sloth & I Am Proud Of It*


3. The honest mug

Just to remind you, you lazy people.


4. Armpit stickers

God bless the inventor of this one.

Japan Trend Shop

5. Clap lamp

I am the laziest of all lazies. *clap clap*


6. Self-turning ice cream cone

Just stick your tongue out and it’s done. Genius!


7. Poop trap for dogs

I like dogs but I like clean floors more. 

Poop Trap

8. Pillow Ties

What is the perfect time to take a nap? Any time, man. ANY TIME.

Baron Bob

9. Popcorn shooter

The one that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth. Oh, heaven!

Popcorn Indiana

10. Extendable fork

It can be used as a scratching device as well, you know. Just sayin’.


11. Baby mop outfit

You are doing a great job, baby. MY BABY…Oh, you left that corner.

Rethink Modern

12. Dust mop slippers and gloves

Let’s not judge the inventor of this one. (1)

The Huffington Post

13. Spaghetti twirling fork

Wind up…wind up…wiinnddd it up.


14. Automatic dog ball thrower

I like dogs but I like to sleep more (especially when my dog wants to play!).


15. Banana slicer

This one will save you…uh…1…2…3…, exactly five seconds of your life. 


16. Organised people tote bag

This is where I keep all my lazy stuff.

Cafe Press

17. Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

*hands at rest FOREVER*


18. Salt & pepper shakers

These slaves will come to you whenever you need salt or pepper. 


19. Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Amazing these are. Undoubtedly, yes.


20. Body Dryer

Towels, what are they?


21. Self-Making Bed

Let’s not judge the inventor of this one. (2)

The Lazy Lad

22. Self-Lacing Sneakers


Pile Rats

23. Butter Stick

Making lives easier all around the globe.


24. Stargazing Chair

How lazy can you get? – Level 109860.


25. Prism Lazy Spectacles

Speechless I am!

Daily Bhaskar

*slow claps*