Tinder, the ultimate matchmaking app of our generation, almost always matches us with people that leave us with a bad date experience. We’ve all got crazy Tinder date stories, don’t we? 

It could be that date who left without paying their share of the bill or that person who added your mother on Facebook after one date. 

However, no matter what your experience, it cannot be as crazy as this guy’s story.

What started with a simple ‘swipe right’ ended up in Liam having to call the Fire Department to deal with the aftermath. Sounds weird, right? Here’s what went down at Liam’s date. 

So, he was at his apartment with his date when she went to use the washroom. Everything seemed fine but when she returned, she looked like she was panicking. She said she had to tell him something but he wouldn’t have thought in his wildest dreams what was coming his way.


The girl told him that she pooped in his washroom but when she tried to flush it, it didn’t work. Now, considering it was their first date, she panicked and decided to wrap up her poop in some toilet paper and throw it out of the bathroom window. 

Understandable, right? I mean it was definitely a tough call.

What she didn’t know was that the poop would get stuck IN the window she threw it out of. She told Liam that she wanted to get the poop back from there, throw it out, and just pretend like this did not happen.


She convinced him to lower her down out of the window so that she could get the poop out of there. He helped her down the window and she did manage to get rid of the poop stuck in there. However, when she told him to pull her back, he realized that she was stuck. 

The poor guy tried to pull her back in but after a good 15 minutes, he decided to call the fire department for help.

The team took care of the situation and managed to rescue Liam’s date but it meant that Liam’s window was left destroyed. 

As a student with a low budget, he couldn’t have afforded to get the window fixed. Hence, he came up with a GoFundMe page and his ordeal won him all the money he needed for repair.


So, whenever you start thinking about how horrible your Tinder experience was, you tell yourself it could have been way more shitty!