The things you’ll see on Indian roads are comparable to none. Crazy jugaad goes hand in hand with hilarious stupidity in situations that make you go “WHAT were they thinking?!”. The worst or the best, depending on your view, usually happens to bikers trying too hard. Check out these hysterical moments on Indian roads and try to keep from falling off your chair.

1. Two’s company, three’s a crash!

2. Like a bridge over troubled waters.

3. Am-bush get it? Huh?

4. “Hey girl, check this out. This is the coolest thing you ever… oww oww oww.”

5. Road rash? Ain’t no thang!

6. “Noooo! I just bought this dhoti!”

7. Put your best foot (Face) forward.

8. Ringa ringa roses, dust all in your noses.

9. Scooty swag! Not.

10. “Watch me fly this thing to… wheee somersault!”

11. Slow n’ steady wins the race, slow n’ steady lands on his face.

12. “I just love putting my feet up at the end of the day…”

13. Lamer things have seldom been seen.

14. Bovine intervention.

15. Aunty police bula legi!

Even though this article has been written for kicks, road safety is very important to us. Wear a helmet and drive safe, cos’ being cool is all about what’s inside.