Now, we all keep our valuable things in a safe place and, at times, forget about them. And, that’s exactly what happened with this woman, who mistakenly gave a bag, containing gold ornaments worth ₹5 lakhs, to poor children while giving them bread in a plastic bag.

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Sundari Planibel, a 45-year-old domestic help, approached the police seeking help. She informed the cops that she was on her way to the bank to mortgage her gold jewellery for her daughter’s wedding.

Reportedly, while she was on her way, she spotted some children and gave them a bag containing some bread to eat. However, she later realised that she handed over the wrong bag which contained the gold jewellery.

She then rushed to the nearest police station and narrated the entire incident to them and the police started scanning the CCTV footage of that area. 

Suraj Raut, Detection Team Head, Dindoshi Police, was informed that the children threw the bag away in the garbage dump as the bread was dry. Then, they started to scour through the garbage to find the jewellery but were unsuccessful. 

As per Chandrakant Gharge, Sub-Inspector, the CCTV footage further revealed that a number of rats were seen dragging the bag with gold jewellery and the dry bread from the garbage bin to the drain. Then, the cops successfully recovered the gold jewellery from the gutter and handed it to its rightful owner.

Three gold chains, six finger rings and a couple of earrings were found as described by the domestic help. We returned it to her.

-Jeevan Kharat, Senior Inspector, Dindoshi Police Station

We are glad that she got her valuable gold items back!