From proposing by placing a ring inside a golgappa to having a golgappa eating competition on their wedding day, people are now openly showcasing their love for this scrumptious snack.

There is no doubt about the fact that we all LOOOVE golgappas!

Recently, a bride proved her love for this lip-smacking street food on her special day by donning a crown, garland and bracelet made up of crispy golgappas

No, we are not kidding!

As the bride, Akshaya, sits for the wedding rituals, a family member comes forward and places a giant golgappa crown on her head.

Just look at the gushing bride.

Shared by Arthi Balaji, the bride’s makeup artist, the clip on her IG has garnered over 125,847 likes already. 

Well, that’s not it.

In another clip shared by the makeup artist, Akshaya is seen participating in a ritual that involved a heap of papads. YES!

As she sits wearing a cloth covering her bridal dress, one of her family members balance a stack of papads on her head and then smash it. 

This clip has received over 111,553 likes since it was shared.

Netizens are absolutely loving the clips and are flooding the comments section with heart-warming messages.


You can watch the entire clips here:

Note: All the images are taken from Arthi Balaji’s IG.

Well, I can’t wait to wear a cheese crown on my special day. *winks*