What would’ve happened if Jadoo had gone rogue in Koi Mil Gaya and thrived on human blood rather than dhoop? How would PK have turned out if he had attacked all the inhabitants of earth and taken them captive to his own gola? Too Hollywoodish, right?

So why is it that only good aliens get an economy ticket to India while the bad-ass aliens get super-sonic, ultra-advanced space-warships to emerge straight over the Statue of Liberty?

Well, here are 10 reasons why only good aliens visit Bollywood unlike the bad-ass ones that visit Hollywood!

1. Lack of Superheroes in India

Hollywood has Superman, Batman, Iron man, Captain America and now even an Ant Man. What do we have? Just Krrish (who by the way got his powers from an alien). Hence only good aliens for Bollywood.

2. Song-and-dance sequences

Bad aliens would feel so out of place with all the song-dance routine of Bollywood. Running around trees is best left to good aliens like PK and Jadoo!

3. Indian Heroines

Bad guys don’t get to dance and romance with Bollywood beauties. Not even if they are from outer space. Be good, take the cake!

4. No vacancy for baddies

Bad aliens know Bollywood doesn’t need them. For everything villainous, we have Prakash Raj.

5. Budget constraints

Wars and destruction burn a huge hole in the producer’s pocket and Bollywood movies just don’t have that kind of budget. So only the aliens that want to spread love and leave are invited to Bollywood!

6. Indian Army is too busy

Unlike the US Army and the Air Force who are only too willing to intervene every time there is an extra terrestrial attack in New York, the Indian army is very busy keeping enemies at the border at bay.

7. Social problems

We have got bigger problems in our country than fighting an army of aliens. Even these extra-terrestrial beings realize this. In fact, PK arrived to solve one of these problems.

8. Atithi Devo Bhava

Saving them from public eye, lying to our own folks and trying to get them back to their planet are just some Indian qualities that even aliens swear by. After all, our Atithi Devo Bhava can change even the baddest badasses into sweet, sweet bunnies!

9. Karma

Yes, aliens believe in that and they’re watching us from above. India’s been behaving well which is only the good aliens are visiting. And as far as USA is concerned, Karma is a bitch, they’d say!

10. Achhe Din Aane Waale Hain

If you thought aliens are oblivious to political developments on earth, you are mistaken. They were right there at the Madsion Square Garden so they know where to head next!

Source: media.photobucket

If you find an alien strolling in your backyard, please don’t freak out. Instead ask him to join you for chai . Because if he’s in India, he’s not going to attack. You can be sure about that!

This article was inspired by an awesome post we found on Quora