While selling a product, people try to make it look as good as possible. The idea is to convince potential buyers that they are not wasting their money. 

So, I don’t know what the mirror sellers are up to and what they are trying to accomplish. 

Bored Panda

If you don’t know already, Google has an entire collection of photos of people trying to sell mirrors; and I must say, they are rather bizarre. 

For instance, look at these. 

eBaums World

I wouldn’t buy them, man. I am a 26-year-old mature woman who thinks ghosts can crawl out of surfaces just like that. Why would anyone do this?

But people clearly are doing it, which is why the internet is filled with such creepy/funny images.

In fact, the trend is so wild that a simple image search will give you thousands of options. 

These people need to ‘reflect’ on their selling techniques. Scrolling through those pictures is a good time pass, though.