What do you call a mass of pure starch dipped in a sea of fat? A samosa, obviously. In one of the weirdest developments of the week, a district in Uttar Pradesh has come up with something that seems like the biggest samosa ever made.

Why, you ask? Because THEY CAN!


A team of 12 rag-tag individuals took on a pressing challenge to beat some British guys at something which our country is really good at. Even though this feels a lot like an intro for a gilli-danda version of Lagaan, we are actually talking about the giant samosa here. The current world record is for a 110-kg samosa made by a team of students from Bradford College in Britain.


Team leader Ritesh Soni led his troops as they took up this daunting task. According to a report in the Gazabpost, he said the ingredients included three quintals of potatoes, two quintals of white flour, 20 litre cooking oil, five kg salt and 20 kg of other stuffing.

Look at this video to know more about the giant samosa:

In attempt to put Gorakhpur on the world map, they decided to make this samosa – especially after Anurag Kashyap made Bombay Velvet, we Gorakhpurians(?) desperately needed some joy. We can’t confirm this but we’re pretty sure that astronauts from outer space can now see Gorakhpur. 

We’re finally cool now, fellow Gorakhpur guys! 

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