Every stinkin’ one of us goes through the same goddamn troubles as adult life unfolds before us and reveals its boring AF, monstrous face. What if I told you there’s a series of graphs representing (in a most organised manner, may I add) these very troubles.

Behold, 22 carefully designed graphs and flowcharts we found on Chaz Hutton’s Instagram page that perfectly describe the lives that we live. Enjoy.


1. The co-relation between age and the enthusiasm with which we approach parties.


2. The truth of our journeys into adulthood as compared to most others we know.


3. The infinite loop that is eating and drinking shit and then promising ourselves to go healthy.


4. Getting stuff delivered and its joys.


5. The hold that coffee has on us.


6. A true representation of just how tedious some things in life are.


7. #WhatTheHellDoIWear


8. Remorse never had a truer depiction.


9. Concerns when buying a new phone.


10. So many things to do, and yet, the one that gets done is simple.


11. End of the month blues. He gets it.


12. Someone finally speaking on behalf of the legendary hangover.


13. Our honest interest in socialising.


14. And about why we go where we go.


15. Inside the mind of a canine buddy.




17. Farts: An in-depth analysis. (pun intended)


18. The never-ending struggle of those that hate to fold laundry.


19. When Friday seems further away in time than the fucking Mesozoic Era.


20. Honestly, we all love the top bunk. Age no bar.


21. Every working adult’s life: Dodging work.


22. ‘Needing to pee’ in a nutshell.


23. The desperately grim journey to Fridays summarised in a graph.


24. #JustTinderThings


25. Find your buzzword. The honest one.


26. We do prepare for the worst. And nothing in between.


27. To do or not to do, that is everyone’s issue in life.


28. A guide to the average phone addict.


29. Yep. Foreign languages, accurate AF.


30. *sigh* Story of my life.


Thank you, Chaz. You made graphs say what words couldn’t in a thousand years.