Indian shaadis don’t just signify the unison of two individuals and their families. It’s considered a festival. A display of pomp and show as the groom strides in magnificently on a ghodi, like the bride’s knight in shining armor (read: sherwani ).

However, while most grooms came on a ghodi , one groom begged to differ.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pavandip Singh.

Source: Blu Blossom Films

Pavandip wanted to spice things a little.

So instead of coming on a ghodi aur an elephant, he made a grand entry in a Batmobile.

Source: Blu Blossom Films

What’s more, he even had Batman sitting by his side.

Why did he do that? Because he can, that’s why. He ain’t poor like you and me.

But maybe that’s how, Batman a.k.a Bruce Wayne has amassed his fortune. By chauffeuring grooms to their venue in his Batmobile.

Check out his grand entry right here.