Recently, Italian Luxury brand Gucci launched its latest pair of eco-washed organic denim pants with an eccentric illusion of ‘fake grass stains’ starting from the knee with strokes on the thigh area.

Now I’m sure you all must have experienced the real grass stains on your denims or clothes after carelessly sitting in a garden once if not more. 

And if you remember this, you must also remember how your desi parent’s reacted when you got those real grass stains because they’re damn tough to get rid of.  

Jokes apart, would you like to guess the price at which these ‘Gucci Grass, Gucci Grass, Gucci Grass’ stained jreans are retailing? $770 which converts to be around Rs. 56,000 ( approx)

Yup, you heard that right folks, that is roughly more than my two months salary, before the pay cuts. 

However, Gucci discribed the pair of jeans as a new take on blurring the line between vintage and contemporary. 

Now I do understand that the baggy silhouette and tailoring of these jeans look like they’re straight out of the 70’s ‘flower power’ era but what the hell is so contemporary about it? 

Are they incorporating the “fake” grass stains to feel more connected to mother nature? The resources of which they’ve already exploited just to make a pair of jeans ( BTW, denim consumes gallons of water to recycle or come into being)? 

Tangible Virtual Water

Anyhow, since this is soon going to pick up as a trend, here is a genuine point of concern. 

It took such a long time for desi fams to get accustomed to ripped jeans, how do you think they’ll react when we try to do a DIY to get grass stains on our denims? 

Well, Twitter doesn’t look very happy with exhoribdently prceid faux grass stains: 

Well, 2020, I’ve officially seen everything.