Marriage is a big achievement in one's life. It not only a celebration of love and commitment, but also is a celebration of two families coming together.

But what happens when some in-laws come so close that it ruins the wedding? Confused? Let us explain.

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In Surat, a young couple's plans to marry each other completely got ruined after the bride's mother and the groom's father eloped.

Apparently, both parents were long-time friends and were past lovers at some point and to relive that, they fled away.

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The marriage was scheduled in the second week of February. But the 48-year-old father and the 46-year-old mother disappeared from their respective houses.

A missing person's report has been filed for both the people and the wedding obviously has been called off for now.

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Now, even though it is not confirmed that they both actually did elope together, but the suspicion is quite strong. Can this be made into a Bollywood movie already?

H/T: Times Of India